Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How to Keep Motivated When Weight Loss is Your Goal

Everyone knows how hard weight loss can be. If you think it’s easy, then you are either a teenage boy or completely delusional. Weight loss is difficult!

To achieve weight loss, everyone knows the equation – you have to burn more calories than you consume. Period! It doesn’t really matter whether you eat a lot of carbs or a lot of protein, whether you are a vegetarian or gluten-free. It all comes down to simple math. You have to watch your caloric intake and increase your activity level.

Knowing that, how can you keep motivated to achieve your weight loss goal? There are many ways to do this – the trick is to find the motivation that works right for you.

1. Do not motivate yourself through the use of food as a reward! By telling yourself that you will allow yourself a big slice of cake when you lose five pounds is really sending your body the wrong message. Make sure if you use a reward system that the reward is not more food!

2. Many women will use clothing as a reward for weight loss. When they lose enough to fit into a size 10 or size 8, they allow themselves to buy one piece of clothing. This is a great motivational tool, but remember that not all clothing manufacturers have the same idea of what a size 8 actually is. In fact, the more expensive the clothing, the larger a size 8 actually is, so be careful!

3. Fear is a great motivator. For some people, the fear of long-long relatives, boyfriends, or high school buddies can be the most influential motivator to weight loss. Go ahead and sign up for that class reunion, knowing that you will have to lose the weight before then. Feel free to be a bridesmaid in that upcoming wedding, knowing you will have to lose a size or two to fit into that hideous gown. The fear of appearing overweight in front of others is sometimes the most powerful of all motivators.

4. Keep track of your weight loss. By keeping a weight loss diary, you will become more aware of what you eat, when you eat it, and what you crave. You will also get a better idea of whether or not you are being realistic about your weight loss goal. Keep track of every bite of food that passes your lips as well as every bit of exercise you do. Only then will you see whether or not your math is really correct.

The greatest motivator of all for weight loss really should be lifelong health and wellness, but few of us can focus on such a faraway and vague reward. Remember that the healthier you are today, the healthier you will be in later years. Take care of today’s body and tomorrow you will reap the rewards.